The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (JOLTS) numbers were released on Wednesday and the employment situation report is due on Friday. The impact of these reports on upcoming Federal Reserve guidance is something for traders to closely monitor as it carries implications for potential trading opportunities.   
Jim Iuorio joined NinjaTrader’s Jim Cagnina on a recent episode of “See the Futures” to discuss how the labor market reports factor into Fed policy. They paid special attention to rate hiking, and how that relates to stock index, currency and interest rate futures.

Dive into How Changes in the Job Market May Affect Trading Opportunities


Additional topics covered in the livestream include:

  • Insight into confusing economic reports and how the Fed will react to this situation
  • An explanation of how the 2-year treasury yield future behaves as a monitor of how market participants view the Fed’s competence in handling inflation
  • An opinion on the possibility of a “Santa Claus” rally this year
  • A discussion on belief perseverance and how to counteract its effects
  • Charting and price analysis of E-mini S&P, Eurocurrency, and Bitcoin futures

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