Sage Investment Club


"With a little education and engagement, virtually anyone can become a successful investor, and that’s why investment clubs are so special."



Who We Are

Sage Investment Club (formerly 20/20 Investment Club) was established in 1997 and is one of the longest-running, women-managed investment clubs world. We’ve had great success and continue to outperform the DJIA and NASDAQ indexes. Media outlets across the U.S. have featured our club as a model for successful investing.

Our Vision

We envision a future where women not only excel in the world of finance but also lead the way in shaping innovative and successful investment strategies.

Our Mission

As one of the longest-running women-managed investment clubs, our mission is to empower women in the realm of investment management. 

Our Values

Our values form the cornerstone of our collective commitment to excellence, integrity, and inclusivity. We uphold a culture that fosters continuous learning, transparency, and collaboration

our story

Sonya Weaver-Johnson, a former day trader, started Sage Investment Club (formerly 20/20 Investment Club) in 1997. Her inspiration was the startling statistic that men were three times more likely to invest than their women peers, who had similar amounts of discretionary income. In general, women also had a different risk tolerance and approached investment decisions differently.

Sage Investment Club would offer a place where women investors could comfortably invest in their own unique way and thrive! To make this possible, the club would provide the opportunity to learn and grow in an inclusive environment and deliver access to a modern investment platform.

Today, we are a diverse community of women investors committed to personal growth and financial success. Our proven investment strategy has generated profits well beyond expectations and our club has genuinely lived up to our motto of “Learning and Earning Together.”

In 2022, to commemorate our 25th anniversary, we changed our club’s name from 20/20 Investment Club to Sage Investment Club.  We believe our new name encapsulates our legacy of success as the word “sage” is synonymous with wisdom, good judgment, and experience.

As a business entity, we operate as a California partnership where all club members are active partners in the venture. Occasionally, we induct new partner members through a sponsorship program.


We are available for interviews and guest appearances.