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So Porsche is down 30% in the last year, they just mark +3% delivery this year and already a strong 2023 is forecasted. They pay quite a decent dividend and I think the stock is quite undervalued. I have been using one Porsche as rented car for 2 months and the product is just amazing. They are as well planning to start delivering electrical cars soon. Porsche put in a robust performance in fiscal year 2022, with a slight increase in deliveries. In the Europe sales region, Porsche delivered 62,685 cars in 2022. This is 7 per cent more than in the previous year. In its home market of Germany, 29,512 customers took delivery of their cars – an increase of 3 per cent. In North America, Porsche recorded 79,260 deliveries, matching the previous year's level. This was a particularly strong performance in view of logistical and supply challenges that started the year. In what remains the biggest single market, China, 93,286 cars were delivered to customers (-2 per cent). The slight dip here is mainly due to the effects of the COVID pandemic. Waves of infection, COVID-related lockdowns and logistical challenges affected the deliveries. The Overseas and Emerging Markets sales region continues to develop positively with an increase in deliveries of 13 per cent. Some 45,141 cars were delivered to customers in this region during 2022. ​ ​ Source:,matching%20the%20previous%20year's%20level. submitted by /u/caollero [comments]

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