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Universal Indicator to Telegram Alerts on the Market.

Find below the details to connecting the MT4 EA to the telegram API.

1. You need to first create a telegram bot using @botfather.

2. Obtain the bot API Key and copy paste it to the EA settings on MT4.

3. You have the option to either use a telegram channel, or let the bot send in the alerts directly to you on chat. You can use both as well.

4. To use the channel, create a public channel then make the bot an administrator. Copy the username of the channel and paste it to the EA settings on MT4.

5. To use the direct alerts, you need to obtain your telegram user id using @userinfobot. Just click the link or search the name on telegram then send any text. Copy the user id and paste it to the EA settings on MT4.

6. Back in MT4, you’ll need to navigate to /Tools/Options/Expert Advisors. Check the box to Allow Web requests then paste this link there.

7. That should be it. To confirm the bot is well connected to telegram, there should be a ‘CONNECTED’ text at the top left of the chart.

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