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The 13th vote has started and Biggs, Boebert and Crane already voting for Jordan, but they did not nominate Herns or Jordan.

Donald switched to McCarthy during the last vote.

Herns – who Boebert nominated – voted for McCarthy. So he is not all-in and probably asked not to be nominated.

Jordan has said he does not want to be nominated.

Gaetz will likely vote against McCarthy.

The final 7 are:

  • Biggs
  • Boebert
  • Crane
  • Gaetz
  • Good
  • Harris
  • Rosendale

UPDATE: Gaetz and Good voted for Jordan bringing total to 5. Appears McCarthy lost the 13th vote.

Harris did switch to McCarthy, however.

It is Friday, so imagine there will be a lot of pressure exerted on the others to get this over before the weekend (after all, its the weekend), but I can see the remain-ers getting their last pieces of flesh. Will McCarthy be willing to give more, however?


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