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Has inflation really peaked, and should we be bracing for stagflation? Another monthly CPI (Consumer Price Index) report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics published today, but is there more to the report than just the headline number? We break down some components of CPI and how they relate to the futures markets.

How to Read the CPI Report

In this week’s “See the Futures”, Bob Iaccino breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of headline CPI, Core CPI and the Shelter Index numbers, diving into how they could affect price activity in stock index, energy and metal futures markets. He also defines the fundamental difference between CPI and Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE), the two major inflation measures frequently referenced by FOMC Chairman Powell.

Additional topics covered in the livestream include: 

  • An explanation of what the headline inflation number really means
  • An opinion on why Personal Consumption Expenditures could be a better inflation indication
  • A look at Federal Reserve Bank presidents’ roles in determining FOMC announcements
  • An interpretation of the latest PMI Services print and its relation to the labor situation
  • Charting and price analysis of E-mini S&P, Copper, Crude Oil and Gold futures

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