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Good morning and happy Tuesday! I hope you all are feeling amazing and are excited about the markets today! $SPY is actively testing $400, meaning that either we will have a significant breakout and watch the markets push until the next major resistance and sustain easily above $400 in the relatively short term, or we will watch the markets sell off significantly, impacting the greater markets. ​ I really expect that while we are around this $400 range, the general movements in the markets will be relatively slower in anticipation of watching which direction we hold. In the case we break out, continue to hold your strong positions and make sure to set stops in guaranteed profit to limit your downside risk. In the case we hold and start selling below $400, look to close out positions, realize some gains, and hedge open positions. ​ Full report, recap, earnings, and watchlists ​ submitted by /u/LouDogg00 [comments]

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