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Bloomberg Daybreak Middle East. Live from Dubai, connecting Asian markets to the European opens. The show will focus on global macro issues with a middle eastern context, provide expert analysis of major market moving stories and speak with the biggest newsmakers in the region.
Simulcast of Bloomberg Television
A 9-year-old fascinated with robots now runs his own company with a full-time staff of adults who help teach other children about robotics. A baseball fanatic has created an enterprise that sends out subscription boxes full of baseball gear on a monthly basis, from training equipment to sunflower seeds. And finally, meet the young men who, with the help of music superstar Drake, help people get into the increasingly lucrative world of professional online gaming.
‘Trussonomics’ Gets a Reality Check
UK Housing Crisis Sparks Investor Bet on Homeless Accommodation
Klarna’s Earnings to Show How New Credit Firms Cope Under Stress
Peloton to Sell Gear, Apparel Via Amazon as CEO Retools Strategy
Apple Confirms Sept. 7 Launch Date for iPhone 14, New Watches
Solomon Islands Threatens to Ban Journalists After China Reports
Homeland Security Scraps Disinformation Board Attacked by GOP
Billionaires Rubenstein, Leonsis Eyeing MLB’s Nationals and Orioles
Do You Qualify for Student Debt Relief? What Borrowers Should Know About Biden’s Plan
Kirby Starts With Record 24 Straight Strikes; Nats Top M’s
Our First Steps? Fossil May Boost Case for Earliest Ancestor
US-South Korea War Games Have a Global Audience
Pakistan Can’t Afford Another Political Crisis
Good Luck Taking Away China’s Manufacturing Mojo
The Future of Shipping Is … Sails?
Truth Social Has a Content Moderation Problem
Good Luck Finding a Seat in That Fancy Airport Lounge
Pinterest Faces Investigation by California Civil Rights Agency
Singapore Housing Barrier Becomes Even Higher for LGBTQ Buyers
Biden Wins Emergency Abortion Access Ruling in Idaho
US Crop Tour Stokes Fears of Looming Corn Shortage
Australia Could Power the World and Its Green Ambitions Could Change Everything
Former NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Gets 477 Votes in a Race He Quit
White House Pledges ‘Stability’ Vouchers for Homeless and At-Risk People
Cities Funding Abortion Access Battle State Leaders Against It
Alameda Co-CEO Trabucco Steps Down From Crypto Trading Firm
Ethereum ‘Bug Bounties’ Jump to $1 Million Before Software Upgrade
Voyager Gets Bankruptcy Court Approval on $1.6 Million in Key Employee Bonuses

Russia’s stock market closure is only postponing what’s likely to be a plunge when trading resumes.
From World War I to 9/11 and the Arab Spring, exchanges have often closed for days, weeks or months in times of turmoil. When markets reopened in those cases, equities slumped. 


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