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In FX market, Friday is the last working day of the week, after then Monday comes. On Fridays. high volatility is more pronounced such that traders are usually disturbed whether to leave the trades open on Friday till Monday or not. Should a trader leave trades open on Fridays? 

Why Some Traders Close Trades on Fridays

The fear of GAP! Gap can make any traders to incur unnecessary losses in the market: It should be prevented. Gaps are sharp break in price with no trading activity taking place in between at that moment. They mostly occur on weekends since the market shut on weekends. The extra time over the weekend allows more emotion and more different factors into play. The major cause of gaps is the imbalance in the market! How can TradeStops Manager EA help to eliminate the effects of gaps in the market?

When Market Closes on Fridays

From the Market Watch Window, on Fridays, market closes at 23:59 but some brokers close trades some minutes before 23:59. The traders who do not want their trades open on Fridays over the weekend should be aware when their brokers usually close trading on Fridays. This will help the traders to act before time! 

Automatically, TradeStops Manager can help any trader to close their trades at any specified hour(s) and minute(s) on Fridays. Find out how TradeStops can help you to manage stops of your trades to your advantage.

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