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OSTA MESA, CA, Jan. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. (OTC: RWGI) proudly announces shareholder updates as the company continues to grow and expand in revenue, products, and distribution. Chris Swartz, CEO of Rodedawg Intl. Ind., states “We are proud to announce to our shareholders that Rodedawg’s continued growth in revenue streams with new products and distribution outlets. We believe that we are on track for a great Year 1 given the forward momentum of accomplishing the 2022 milestones on our road map. Our revenue targets are set to lead us to achieving a minimum $7 million plus in revenues in 2023. We believe that the revenue figure could be much higher but we want to stay with conservative Year 1 revenue targets. Chris Swartz, CEO, adds, “We are also proud to announce our newest product for our cannabis brand, Tree Moguls (Tree Moguls – A Higher Class). With our partners, Tree Moguls has launched a new ultra high-quality Tree Moguls Wax. The cannabis wax expands the product offering from traditional flower and pre-rolls to a more potent and concentrated product offering. We will showcase the new product on our websites, social channels, and partner channels. Once again, these efforts to grow revenues are focused only on immediate or near-term revenue producing opportunities.” Tree Moguls Wax (Video) The company is also proud to announce our newest dispensary outlet – Tree Moguls branded cannabis products can now be found in Illa Canna cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles, California. Success Milestones for 2023: Follow up on submitted request to OTC Markets to remove Shell Status with Year End Disclosure PCOAB Audit to be completed during January 2023 Prepare for Uplisting Cancellation of over 85 million common shares. Create additional products and brands that can be marketed through the licensed dispensaries the Company manages. Identify Funding Partner for Debt Structure to acquire licensed facility such that debt instrument can be repaid from the facilities we manage. Identify, manage, and acquire additional licensed dispensaries. Complete Acquisition of a real estate and/or Licensed California dispensary and/or distribution center such that Rodedawg becomes a fully licensed cannabis corporation. Expand Product and brand development which lead to quarter over quarter revenue growth. Negotiations to expand our management contracts to include at least 1 more licensed dispensary and 1 more distribution facility before year end. Mr. Swartz states, “In the next few weeks, management will provide additional updates on the timeframe and progress of accomplished success milestones to further expand shareholder value. Our plan from the beginning has been positioning the Company for significant growth leading to OTCQB uplisting.” About Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. (OTC: RWGI) is focused on providing management services, acquisitions and restructuring resources throughout the regulated California cannabis market. We are a trusted partner and asset to licensed cultivation, distributors, manufacturers, and retail dispensaries. Please note the company Twitter address is for regular updates. About Budding Horizon, LLC Budding Horizon, LLC is California Limited Liability Company with offices in Orange County, California. The company is focused to providing management services for the licensed cannabis industry and seeks to leverage its expertise in the real estate acquisitions to acquire and develop a portfolio of assets. The company website is submitted by /u/NASDQplayer97 [comments]

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