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So, another day another parasite triying to drain people’s hard earned assets, what we call a Wednesday on the crypto market.Recently you might have been mentioned in a post on a sub called r/shib_token, to be precise, on a post promising an airdrop to anyone who’s used Ethereum Mainnet within 2022 (awfully specific, of course /s) soon as you start to dig around, always avoiding the link as if was an used needle you found on the dumpster behind Wendy’s, you start to see comments all perfectly posted exactly 3 hours ago by throwaway accounts with less karma than hitler. around a bit more and you’ll find the oldest post in the sub is 24 hours old. yeah, nice try. Next time don’t be so obvious.I sincerely hope nobody falls for this. Nobody is going to reward you for nothing, easy money doesn’t exist. Don’t let your greed take away the best from you.

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