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Hi Everyone,I’m working on revamping my investment portfolio. One of the elements that I want to expand on is the technology sub-portfolio. It will be a long-term investment (yes, I could have invested in that way earlier). For that reason, I’m looking into adding AI ETF’s.One of the things that caught my attention is that most AI ETF’s have a pretty big spot in robotics, semiconductor or broad tech companies (e.x. Amazon is mentioned a lot in AI ETF portfolio’s – Amazon does invest a lot in AI, but the risk with other departments like ecommerce is pretty high in my opinion). Since there are dedicated semiconductor ETF’s (and already in my portfolio), I’m trying to find AI ETF’s that are focused on, yes, AI (+25% portfolio exposure).I have found the following ETF’s list with exposure: you have any recommendations, tips or info that could help me find a good AI ETF? And what strategy do you use regarding AI investing? Why do you think that’s a good strategy?Thanks all!

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