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Hi guys! Latest Press Releases for WETGWeTrade Group YG New Energy Project is Ready to Launch as the Global Sales Representative Visits its Partner, Fujian Super Solar New EnergyWeTrade Group Inc. Allies with Hangzhou Parallel Space to Develop Virtual Human TechnologyWeTrade Group Wins the “Strongest Potential IPO” Award While Launching the 2023 Multi-Industry Diversification StrategyWeTrade Group Pushes Further into the New Energy Cooperated with Super Solar EnergyWeTrade Group and Kunyue Medical Reached Cooperation Online Store “Epidemic Inspection Pass” has Achieved a Daily Average of 50,000+ Online Sales OrdersWeTrade Group Y-Health Celebrates the Daily Sale of Jiqing Biotech COVID-19 Antigen Kit to Reach 1 MillionWeTrade Group Inc. Announces US$120 Million Agreement with Vmade Tech PTE. LTD for Launching Operation of WTPay Technology Tools in SingaporeWeTrade Group Inc. (“WeTrade” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: WETG), a global diversified “software as a service” (“SaaS”) technology service provider committed to providing technical support and digital transformation tools for enterprises across different industries, today announced that the Company had been awarded the “Strongest Potential IPO of the Year” by the 2022 GURUCLUB Greater China Best Listed Company Awards.The “Strongest Potential IPO of the Year” award is designed to reward the most influential publicly listed companies in the investment community. Specifically, this award analyzes companies’financing scale, profitability, financial security and market capitalization management. It also motivates companies with promising major businesses, stable performance growth, continuous creation of value for shareholders to take on their social responsibility. Additionally, the award recognizes companies that have made significant contributions to economic development, improvement of people’s living standards and national competitiveness. The finalists are announced based on quantitative data analysis by a team of experts.

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