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With all the recent regulatory developments in the crypto space, it really has been feeling like a massive conspiracy to destroy the entire industry. Came across this editorial that really puts what I’ve been feeling into words: there is an active and ongoing attempt to destroy crypto. The sentiment is perfectly captured in one sentence: “Did you really think that central banks and governments would allow a competitor to fiat money to exist?”The editorial also highlights the following:”CoinDesk almost never adopts a formal position on issues. As noted in the past, we typically leave the task of presenting the organization’s common perspective to the breadth and balance of the newsroom’s reporting, rather than taking an official point of view on any given topic. That we are doing so here reflects our view that, in this case, our position should be made clear. The editorial leadership believes the threats facing crypto due to recent U.S. actions – regardless of whether they’re deliberate – are existential enough to merit taking a stand on behalf of a technology and industry that are a potential good and a force for economic empowerment.”I’ve never really bothered to entertain crazy conspiracies before, but I feel like we’re watching one happen live when it comes to crypto. What does everyone else think?

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