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Good morning and Happy Friday! Markets have been quite wild recently, with a significant amount of general momentum. I hope you all have a weekend and have a successful day trading today!With the markets moving extremely irrationally over the previous couple of days, there have been many opportunities to be able to capitalize on and realize some gains. Keep seizing the opportunities available to you and make the most out of everything.Look into selling some 0-DTE CSPs to capitalize on the opportunities that are available and make a small amount of bank in the process.I would not recommend over-trading today as I am expecting a significant amount of chop. Just like they say about riptides, even if you are a good swimmer, you are at risk of drowning. The same goes for here in the markets. When things are choppy and you are over-trading, there is an extremely high chance for you to lose a significant amount with ease.Full Recaps and Watchlists

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