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I could only fit 20 images per Reddit post, so my previous 1-day post was pretty short.Since then, I’ve continued exploring Decentraland and have now uploaded my 100+ photo album to Substack: contains a full review of my trip.(If you see an annoying pop-up on that page, just click the “Continue Reading” button. No subscription is needed.)——–I spent more time both visiting the most crowded events and locations, and visiting places to obtain more free NFTs.Here are the highlights1 week of collecting free NFTsWearables: There are a lot of special events and quests where you can collect free minted NFT wearables on the Polygon PoS network. The more exotic ones usually need to be purchased.Doritos Triangle Studios eventOver the past 3 days, Doritos was giving away 10 collectible NFTs. Developers actually need to spend $150 USD to publish each unique item. And then they have to pay ~150k gas on the Polygon PoS network to mint each instance of the NFT. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they spent $3000 on this event just to attract 1000 people.Halloween 2022 quest – CemeteryThe Halloween 2022 quest in the Spooky Forest is still available. Among the dozen mini-games in Decentraland, this was the ONLY one I actually enjoyed. It was also the only one that gave away ~10 collectible NFTs. There are 5 days of quests.Temple Trouble puzzleThere was 1 puzzle in the Spooky Forest that was a reskinned clone of the same puzzle in Temple Trouble. There are a lot of clones in Decentraland. I guess devs get lazy and reuse locations.The Art Week plaza has a lot of pretty art. There were several places to collect free NFTs here, but they already all ran out a long time ago.Even the buildings in the Art Week Plaza are pretty.Ice Poker StrongholdIce Poker (Stronghold) for Texas Hold’em was consistently the most crowded location in all of Decentraland. I counted between 20-50 players at any given time.Players all teleporting at the same time. When new special events that give away NFTs start, they are very popular.Nyan Cat NFT Gallery – Another cool-looking buildingDragon Plaza – ArchverseArchverse: Somebody built several giant villages on the edge of Decentraland, and they were completely empty. I have no idea what these were made for, and why they were abandoned. They should turn this into a creepy haunted village.Lobsteropolis – A whole town built for 1 person full of UGLY Lobster NFTs. I can’t understand why anyone would spend $1M building this place.Rizk Amusement Park – A functional amusement park with a roller coasterThe Aquarium – One of many casinos. Every single casino I visited except Ice Poker (Stronghold) was empty.MVMF – Party Degens – One of many music venues in DCL. This one had a large multi-room nightclub on the lower floor with a see-through ceiling. Pretty fancy. I would’ve loved to visit a club like this IRL during my party years.Oh look, it’s sponsors FTX and BlockFi. Good to know where their money went.Samsung’s House of Sam: You can collect a few NFTs here, but they take a few days to mint. I’m disappointed I didn’t find Sam here.DigiFun – One of many locations selling expensive wearable NFTs for your avatar. You can easily find other places on the secondary market selling cool NFTs for only $1-5. The ones showcased in DCL are usually 100x that price.5D Gallery – A trippy multi-floor gallery5D Gallery – The upper floorsLaLigaLand – A fully-built football (i.e. soccer) stadium for the Spanish Soccer League. They also had a recent event here with NFT giveaways.OverallMy 1-week virtual vacation in Decentraland was enjoyable. The mini-games, bugs, and performance issues were bad, but the exploration was fun. I could easily come back once a month. There are always special events going on, so there are always new places to explore and activities to check out.This is NOT a gaming experience. If you’re looking for a game, you’re going to be extremely-disappointed.But if you’re type of person who enjoys traveling by yourself and exploring new locations, you might find it fun to explore this virtual world. I sure did.If you want another 50+ photos, please check out the full album here.

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