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A lot of people will now need to figure out how to stake their own crypto without Kraken so I put together a list of resources taken from around the internet to help get you started.I think this is all the coins/tokens Kraken offered staking on.DOT – medium difficultyStart staking natively on Polkadot with as little as 1 DOT: nomination pools make it easier to stake natively by lowering the barrier for earning rewards to as little as 1 DOT, and efficiently balancing the interests of smaller and larger DOT holders. To learn more about staking and nomination pools: those who want to take the lead, you can open your own nomination pool and allow others to join and pool their stake. The maximum number of pools has just been doubled to 128! Watch the video to learn how to open your pool: you holding more than the minimum active bond, currently around 240 DOT? Then get full control over your staking and the payouts by nominating directly, and start earning up to 18% rewards while keeping your voting power. Start staking now: comment by u/RymataKSM – seems pretty fucking difficult or maybe just for I could do on this (maybe I’m just stupid) – easySee the guide on ATOM – will stake directly from Keplr walletno minimum staking amount21 day unbonding periodATOM – easyThis on is pretty easy, you will do all staking through your wallet. The easiest wallet to use is Keplr and it is all pretty straight forward after installing the extension.21 day unbonding periodminimum 0.05 ATOM to stakestep by step guide below. (Tezos)no minimum requiredLiquid staking – no unbonding periodGuide to stake tezos with different wallets – easyishSomewhat easy but requires you to create an account on a website.The easiest way to stake flow seems to be through a web portal they offer.walkthrough guide – – – medium difficulty to extremely difficultThis is currently not an issue since it’s locked up on Kraken and still being can also stake on coinbaseif you have 32 eth you don’t have 32 eth staking for btc but you can loan it if you want I guessEURno staking for Euroc but you can loan it if you want I guessUSDno staking for USD but you can loan it if you want I guessADA – easyminimum 2.17 ADA requiredliquid staking – no unbonding period – easypretty straight forward, all done on the phantom wallet0.01 SOL minimum required2-4 unbonding period – easyishAlgo has governance periods every three months, you have to commit your ALGOs before the minimum requiredliquid staking – but if you go below your committed ALGOs you lose your rewards that are paid out at the end of the governance period.Governance website – easy1 MINA minimumliquid staking – no unboding period – easy1 TRX minimum3 day unbonding periodyou can stake TRON directly from various wallets – why?here is a guide if you really want it. – easypart of cosmos, see ATOM sectionMATIC – medium (you need to stake on eth network)you need ETH for staking transactionsno minimum3-4 days unboding period best just to do it on coinbase.if you want to do it yourself – will need eth for transactionsUSDTno staking for USDT but you can loan it if you want I guessUSDCno staking for USDC but you can loan it if you want I guessFLR – difficult are probably other ways to stake these so feel free to post below on everything I got wrong.

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