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Congratulations, traders, providers, investors, FXOpen hopes you have merrily celebrated Christmas and the New Year. For the coming year, we would like to wish you not to be afraid to take risks, to act decisively in any situation, and to be successful in trading and investments!

During the New Year holidays, the market is unstable, there is a high risk of losses, and even professionals are not immune from mistakes. And, of course, any investor is interested in finding such providers who, even on a very “thin” market, will be able to maintain stability and trade with a positive result. Such accounts will be able to ensure the stability of the investment portfolio with minimal risk of possible losses.

As of January 1, 2023, 130 active accounts have been opened with FXOpen and $1,806,684.00 of subscribers’ funds have been invested (according to Investflow monitoring statistics).

FXOpen’s TOP-10 December 2022 PAMM Accounts


This provider has been trading with FXOpen since 05/12/2022 and has shown good results since opening an account. In 2022, they were able to earn 45.55% of the profit. Of all trades, they are 81% profitable with a leverage of 1 to 100. The maximum drawdown level remains within 12.68%. This provider trades only one trading pair – AUD/CAD. In December, +6.93% profit was earned, with a maximum deposit load of 2.40% and a maximum drawdown of 0.74%. One can join this manager with the amount of 50USD, the penalty for early withdrawal is 5%.

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