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Opera bought ~21% of their stock and issued special dividend equal to ~13% of stock price and yet will end up 2023 with the same cash as they would after paying the special dividend and this massive stock buyback. They are also consistently beating revenue/AEBITDA expectations all of 2022 and managed to grow ~30% in 2022 ( after growing 52% in 2021). Opera Core, which has ~20% revenue CAGR for last 6 years and operates at 80+% gross margin is trading at ~0.8 times its FY ’22 revenue and ~4x AEBITDA. I expect Opera to beat Q4 revenue and to report ~$330M FY’22 revenue and $68M AEBITDA. If one take my 17% FY’23 growth forecast of $386M revenue and 22% AEBITDA margin, Opera is trading at ~0.7 times FY’23 revenue and ~3 times AEBITDA. More details : submitted by /u/Green_Wrap8531 [comments]

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