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Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is still drawing heavy viewing ratings from a holiday original hit, while HBO Max (NASDAQ:WBD) had its most productive week yet, still getting some mileage out of its acquired series and movies as well. Addams Family tie-in Wednesday (NFLX) repeated in its position atop Nielsen’s most recent weekly streaming ratings (for Dec. 12-18), proving itself as the latest of the streaming pioneer’s original shows to log heavy viewing. The show streamed 2.157B minutes for the period, and over four weeks of release has hit 16.8B minutes, the second-highest total over that span for a streaming program (behind only Netflix fellow Stranger Things, whose season 4 first half hit 19.5B minutes last May and June). It beat out a fairly strong contender as well as three other shows on the same platform: Netflix’s documentary Harry & Meghan streamed 1.69B minutes for the week, ahead of fellow programs CoComelon (959M minutes), NCIS (941M minutes) and The Recruit (925M minutes). The next showing was from an HBO (WBD) show, though: The White Lotus streamed 902M minutes for the sixth spot, and HBO max also put Friends at No. 8 with 723M minutes, just behind Netflix movie Prisoners (857M minutes). Meanwhile, Hulu (NYSE:DIS) (NASDAQ:CMCSA) joined the overall list at No. 9 with perennial hit Criminal Minds (672M minutes). Netflix (NFLX) dominated the original-programs list with the top seven shows: Along with Wednesday, Harry & Meghan and The Recruit, it posted Firefly Lane (672M minutes), Sonic Prime (657M minutes), Too Hot to Handle (425M minutes) and Don’t Pick Up the Phone (400M minutes), before Disney+ (DIS) entered with The Santa Clauses (392M minutes), ahead of Netflix’s The Crown (389M minutes) and Hulu’s Kindred (361M minutes). Acquired programs offered another chance for non-Netflix streamers to shine. Netflix (NFLX) topped the list with its standbys, CoComelon and NCIS – but along with The White Lotus and Friends, HBO Max put The Big Bang Theory on the chart at No. 8 with 575M minutes. Meanwhile, Peacock’s (CMCSA) Yellowstone landed at No. 6 with 611M minutes, and Disney’s Bluey was just behind at 583M minutes. And while Netflix topped the movie chart with Prisoners, HBO Max (WBD) was just behind with Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam (632M minutes), which edged out Bullet Train (NFLX) with 544M minutes. The holiday season helped Disney+ (DIS) place fourth on that list with Home Alone (495M minutes), Netflix fifth with Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio (465M minutes), HBO Max sixth with How the Grinch Stole Christmas (429M minutes), Netflix seventh with I Believe in Santa (366M minutes), and HBO Max again with Elf (354M minutes). (Nielsen streaming ratings now incorporate viewing from seven major streamers: Amazon Prime Video (AMZN), Apple TV+ (AAPL), Disney+ (DIS), HBO Max (WBD), Hulu (DIS) (CMCSA), Netflix (NFLX) and Peacock (CMCSA).)

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