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1. Manage Open Positions

+ Trade Buy : Allow Buy

+ Trade Sell : Allow Sell

+ Select Trade Method: Trade On Every Tick or Trade On a New Bar.

+ Continue New Cycle: If False, EA Will stop starting new trade cycle & Only Manage The Remaining Open Positions until all positions close.

+ Stop New Cycle on Xmas holiday & New Year : if enabled, ea will stop starting new trade cycle from 23 december to 5 january

+ Reverse: Reverse the signal

+ Smart Multi Symbol Control : Enable/disable max allow fx pair on risk

+ Maximum allowed number of fx pairs on risk: if Smart Multi Symbol Control = true, fill in max allow fx pairs on risk

2. Manage Pending Orders

+ Working TimeFrame: timeframe for virtual trade

+ Open Next Virtual Grid on Trend Direction: EA will open the virtual grid when there is a signal.

+ Start placing real pending orders: specify the number of virtual orders to start placing real pending orders

+ Distance of real pending orders from the current price(in pips)

+ Step size to move real pending order (in pips)

3. Manage Lot and Money

+ Lot Type: Select lot type

+ AutoLot (ex. 1000 $ = 0.01): Manage lots

+ if AutoLot = true, fill in Money to manage, $: Fill in money to manage (Ex. Balance 5000, fill in 1000, Autolot = 5000/1000=5 x 0.01 =0.05 )

+ if Autolot = false, fill in Start Lot: fill in the initial lot

+ Multiplier for Martingale 4: Multiplier lot coefficient

+ Maximal Lots: max lots per trade

+ Maxtrade: Max trade allowed

4. Manage GRID

+ Step (in pips): Distance to open the next position

+ Expanding Step Coefficient: step multiplier coefficient

+ Change Step: allow change step

+ Coefficient  Lot to start changing step : Lot coefficient 

+ Change Step to(in pips)

+ Expanding Step Coefficient: step multiplier coefficient for change step

+ Open Next Change Step Grid on Trend Direction : EA will open a new position if there is a signal.

5. Manage Virtual SLTP

+ Use Virtual Stop Loss & Takeprofit: enable/disable Virtual Stop Loss & takeprofit

+ Virtual Stop Loss (in pips): Stop loss in pips

+ Virtual Take Profit (in pips): Takeprofit in pips

6. Manage Trailing

+ Trailing Type : Select the trailing type

+ Trailing Start (in pips): Trailing starts

+ Trailling Size (in pips): Step trailing in pips

7. Manage Drawdown Reduction

+ Use Auto Close Partial, in money: Close Partial in money

+ Select Close Partial Method:

+ Close partial buy / sell 1: partial close by bringing only 1 buy loss or 1 sell loss.

+ Close partial buy / sell 2: partial close by bringing 2 buy losses or 2 sell losses.

+ Number of trades to activate partial close: Minimum amount of open positions to start partial close.

+ Minimum profit to close partial $: Minimum profit to do partial close, in money.

+ Use Auto Close Partial, in percentage: Close partial in percentage

+ Number of trades to activate partial close: Minimum amount of open positions to start partial close.

+ Percentage of profit to close partial%: Minimum profit to do partial close, in percentage.

+ Auto Close Partial 3:

+ Select Close Partial 3 Method

+ Number of trades to activate partial close 3

+ Lots to start closing partial: minimum lots to activate closing partial 3

+ min Profit to close(in pips): Minimum profit to be able to close a position

+ Partial close percentage, % : How many % lots will be closed. Ex. 50% x lot 0.1 = 0.05 lot to close partial

8. Time Management

+ Trade Start Time: Time to start trades

+ Trade End Time: The time the trading session ends

9. Manage Others

+ Max Spread (in Pips): spread allowed

+ Coefficient (if Freeze=0 Or StopsLevels=0) : Fill in at least 1, only to anticipate volatile market conditions and the broker will increase freezelevel and stop level.

+ Magic number : EA identifies open positions based on this magic number. 

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