Sage Investment Club 2022 Progress:PSBTI decided to take a short break from light client work, and jumped ahead a little bit to start adding MWEB components to the PSBT(Partially-Signed Bitcoin Transaction) format. PSBT (See BIP-0174 and BIP-0370) is a flexible transaction serialization format that can be used to support building transactions using advanced workflows such as sending from a multisig wallet, or in the case where most interested in: hardware wallets.In order to add MWEB support to PSBTs, I first had to merge in PSBTv2 (BIP-0370), which can be seen here. I then defined the MWEB fields we needed to add, and added them to the PSBT data structures along with serialization and deserialization here.The remaining tasks for PSBT are:*Add signing logic for inputs and outputs*Write the transaction finalization logic here*Implement component “merging” here*Add functional test(s) covering the hardware wallet workflow*Document the PSBT format additionsView KeysSince the hardware wallet PSBT workflow depends on view key support to identify UTXOs belonging to the wallet, I will continue working on view key support in parallel

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