it’s not actually relevant. there really isn’t a “bitcoin standard.”the idea that bitcoin makes a better “store of wealth” than litecoin actually comes from the days when you’d store your wealth in gold because… it was was literally a better store of wealth because you could move it if you had to. it was more portable than silver. nothing figurative about this, it was literally a superior store of’d use silver in small amounts for buying stuff and store your wealth in gold.the concerns with bimetallism actually arise from the variable physical ratio of gold to silver, as well as the physical weight of silver compared to gold.none of these are actual factors in determining a cryptocurrency standard.we’re making up our own crypto standards as we go. they involve factors like how many were pre-mined, how many are bought by normal people as opposed to gambling whales, how many people accept it as payment and use it as payment, and how it adapts as the crypto markets evolve.if bitcoin is the standard today, its only because its the most widely used.i bought a bunch of ltc’s because i think ltc will catch bitcoin and pass it.i’m gambling that ltc becomes the co-standard.i’m a gambler. and i have no idea when to hold em or when to fold em. so i’m just gonna play the slots for now.

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