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MGOL 13.4M outstanding shares 5M free float shares 67% shares executive ownership LOCKED FOR SIX MONTHS 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Ginny Hilfiger (Tommy's sister) (expert marketer) owns 1/3rd of total shares Ownership took shares in lieu of salray Underwriters of IPO have rights to purchase shares at $5 Messi has already included a link for this on his Instagram which has 420M followers 🐐🐐🐐 5% of 420M followers = 21M people. 21M people spending average $60 only once a year in Messi clothes = 1.26 dollars in revenue!!! 🚨🚨🚨 Messi receives 12% of net sales, giving him further incentive to promote the company! Many items on the website are ALREADY sold out! DEMAND is through the roof!!! This could squeeze higher than HKD!!!! HKD, which had 185M oustanding shares and 19M free float shares IPO'd around 7.80 a share and shot over $2500 in Summer 2022. Think about that. If this does indeed rocket to $50 I promise I will actually sit through an entire soccer match, which is about the most excruciatingly boring thing I can think of. If it goes to $75 I will shit myself at the first quarter or period or whatever the futbol people call it and sit in my own waste throughout the entire game of men kicking a ball back and forth. And I will document it. Godspeed. More about the company: Founded in October 2018 and headquartered in Florida with remote employees and specialty contractors in London, New York and Latin America, MGO Global is a performance-driven lifestyle brand portfolio company focused on strategically leveraging the fame, celebrity power and global social media influence of world class athletes, entertainers and other cultural icons to create fresh, modern and compelling product and apparel brands aligned with and inspired by the values, personal styles and aspirations of our valued brand partners. Anchored by MGO Global's end-to-end, scalable brand development platform, coupled with its leadership's track records of success and industry relationships and expertise, in late 2018, the Company launched The Messi Brand – a premium line of functional and sporty casual wear, accessories and homewares inspired by legendary pro soccer player Leo Messi and found at For more information on MGO Global, submitted by /u/AndersKingern [comments]

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