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Hello traders,  On this Session i spotted 3 setups and i placed 4 positions in total. Three of them were in green and one was a loss. Trade of the day was the Long Setup on USDCHF M30 where i placed two positions. All of my trades were placed using Market Orders by clicking the Zone Label next to Zones. Also i have enabled OnTouched Alerts that means that i get an Alert when price touches a zone. After that i do my top down analysis and  i decide if i want to place a trade or not.If you enjoy my trading style and you are interested for a Mentorship Program then send me a DM, and i would be more than happy to help you to achieve your trading goals. You can watch my Live Session , on the Youtube Video below. My setups were spoted using “Supply Demand EA Pro” in combination with “Automated Trendlines” indicator.  SUPPLY DEMAND EA PRO : Trendlines :

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