Usd jpy

Usd Jpy is trading in a range bound manner for more than a month. Price was hovering between 107.000 and 105.500. Yesterday the pair broke it’s silence and the price is now trading below it’s familiar level of 105.500. Now what is the fate of the pair now is a big question. As the pair broke it’s support line the weakness should persist for now, but upto which level. However it is still difficult to say that price has really broken it’s range, the wait and watch policy will be the best for now. If you see price below 105.000, it will be a good price to start buy on dips to make good profits. We are also waiting for some more weakness in the pair to start buying, otherwise the pair will still stay in it’s recent range according to our analysis.

DISCLAIMER:- Forex trading involves significant amount of risk, may not suitable for all. However the above information is deemed to be reliable, traders should trade according to their risk and money management.

Published by A. P. S. Thapar

I started forex trading 10 years ago, after having such a long time experience, I decided to share my experience with all of you, I often heard people saying that forex trading is hard and ultimately results in loss of your full account or even more, yes I agree, it is hard, but it is hard due to your greed and fear. First you jump in forex without having much experience, Then after winning a few trades one starts to trade with bigger exposures due to greed, market knows everything and starts to tight you up and due to fear arising out of all this results in loss of account. I will write here the truth and new traders will learn discipline reading my posts. Everybody wants to earn profits, which is possible only with discipline. There is no shortcut to success. Slow and steady wins the race. Some experts claim that buy on dips and sell on rallies is not a right way to trade, I want to ask them if stop loss trading style is the right way to trade? To trade with stop loss is like showcasing all of your strengths and weaknesses and is an open offer to hit the sensitive areas. So I don’t believe in stop loss trading style, I always try to pick the bottom and top as market is all about accumulation and distribution. Hope we all will together start an amazing journey toward success. I am here to build a relationship of trust and faith. Hope you will really appreciate my efforts. I am sure you will fall in love with forex trading. If you have any questions about my trading style or you want technical help on any other currency pair or stock index, please feel free to comment on my posts. I will add that currency pair or index in my future posts. Any further queries will be answered as soon as the time allows.

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