It’s just like The Fed to ignore what is going on and do something else.

The one statement that Biden made in his State of the Union Address that was factually accurate was that inflation is coming down. Of course, he then blew it by saying he inherited inflation from Trump which was not true. Headline inflation (CPI YoY) was only 1.4% when Biden was sworn-in as President and rose to 9.1% YoY by June 2021 before finally starting to decline.

But despite the cooling of inflation (and M2 Money growth), The Fed seems hell bent on increasing their target rate, now forecast by Fed Funds Futures to peak in July 2023 at 5.123% before pivoting.

The Fed’s themesong. Drinking with my low-companions, dancing with a woman that’s not my wife, laughing at a joke I’ve heard before, welcome to a night in their life.
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