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EDIT!!!: I have just been informed that I somehow managed to get hotlinked to an outdated version of the chart. I found this link which they named the purple section “What” And v2 of the rainbow chart in fact has been updated accordingly to remove the beloved purple section. I AM SORRY GUYS I SWEAR WASNT INTENDING TO KARMA FARM OFF THIS!! Bitcoin Rainbow Chart 2023 ​ ​ ​ ​ Original post: As you can see, we have an officially new segment of the rainbow chart coloured purple. You can see on the website that there isn’t even an official tag for this section yet and so it is important that we in the community figure out a suitable name for this new development in rainbow chart history! Please let me know your ideas and perhaps together we have the power to decide on a suitably hilarious tag to leave this brutal bear market’s legacy on the rainbow chart for the benefit of our future! submitted by /u/InsaneMcFries [comments]

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