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Here you can find that several major currency pairs have strong ties to shape global market movements. Apart from that, the popularity of these pairs has a very large transaction volume. Has the ability to trigger reversals and trends.

Then, how do you get the jackpot?

Okay..okay.. actually the topic above is more precisely “the jackpot is sure without fear” deep and wide shake, when we decide which direction to take.

As follows:

1. Know that the effect of each pair is influenced by 2 factors, namely the fundamentals of the country and the fundamentals of the “USD” dollar.

2. It’s very simple, if the main pairs with the largest trades simultaneously move in one direction against the USD. Be careful when placing a reversal position, TREND is most likely to occur.

3. But it becomes very safe for REVERSAL & SCALPING transactions if there is no uniformity of direction. Because there will likely be SIDEWAYS in quite a long time.

4. Now all that remains is to place the open position. This is where you decide to hit the jackpot. Of course, everyone will be different, it’s just that in general, if you study diligently then this will definitely happen and you will regularly get jackpots continuously.

5. It is also important that market movements cannot be predicted at the time. It can happen instantly or it can take time to go in that direction. But with patience and regular practice, it will definitely work.

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