Founder of, returns to the show with an extremely favorable outlook on the precious metals sector.

2.50 – The global economy has entered a slow motion, “death-spiral” which could “blow-up” the economy.
4.30 – “Inflating-away the currency”
5.50 – Investors can survive the chaos by preparing now
7.00 – The 60/40 stock-bond portfolio may no longer suffice.
8.50 – Energy stocks and assets are back in style.
9.20 – Uranium is in vogue.
9.30 – Gold and silver are highly appealing.
10.30 – Only 2% of investment funds is required to send silver to $200 and gold to $5,000 per ounce.
12.50 – Silver has robust industrial demand with the added benefit of monetary demand, loosely tracking the price of gold.
17.40 – The current gold/silver ratio of 1/70 suggests that silver remains a relative value to the king of currencies.
20.00 – Silver could become “unobtain-ium’ sending silver to into the stratosphere, spurred higher by central bank accumulation.
23.00 – Some mining companies could soar, 10x+, benefiting from multiple positive themes.
25.00 – John suggests accumulating established, top-notch mining companies amid pull-backs, and high quality smaller companies to improve portfolio alpha.
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