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The Morgan Report’s, David Morgan outlines his bullish outlook on Video! (Viewers, please note that David is doing well, the stain on his lips is from health supplements).

David Morgan examines the volatility that returned this week to US equities, suggestive rough seas ahead.

Gold looks solid, following a recent double bottoming pattern

Once gold closes above $2,000 for a few days in a row, algorithmic traders could flood into the sector.

Silver is in a trading range, carving out a channel formation; he’s watching for a move above $24 with heavy volume to signal the next big run to new highs.

The current recession will clear the financial arena, helping solid companies to emerge as more efficient producers.

It is advisable to begin preparing for challenging times ahead, at home, in the financial markets and the global marketplace.

Chris Waltzek is host, executive producer, writer/editor, best-selling author, webmaster, sound engineer and computer guru at Radio. He earned his bachelors degree in Business Economics and holds a dual MBA in Business Economics & Information Systems. Upon graduation he worked as the firm-wide Industry Analyst at one of the nations largest law firms, Jones, Day, Reavis, Pogue. Chris is currently a Ph.D. student in Management / Finance at NCU.

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