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The final month of the calendar year is here. In 2022, market news has been dominated by growing inflation rates, global recession worries, and geo-political stress. With equity markets still far off of the January highs, it is important to evaluate how global inflationary forces may continue to drive CME Group markets.
Bob Iaccino joined this recent episode of “See the Futures” to give a summary of his 2022 outlook on the E-Mini S&P 500, Euro FX, and Crude Oil futures. He discusses these products in both longer- and near-term views, as well as how central banks’ different responses to inflationary pressures might affect these markets going forward. Watch the full episode here:

Additional topics covered in the livestream include: 

An explanation of three scenarios regarding labor market, inflation (and the Fed’s reaction to each), and inflation rates 
Insight into ECB President Lagarde’s possible outlook and how it could affect Euro FX futures 
An opinion on al little-watched but highly important inflation figure
A discussion about how oil could continue its bearish trajectory as a global recession looms 
Charting and price analysis of E-mini S&P, EuroFX, and Crude Oil futures 

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