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Hello, In Litecoin-qt I'v imported priv key to newly created wallet. I've sent some coins, closed LTC client and "shred –remove wallet.dat" file. Next day I've noticed, that all my funds are gone. It turned out, that after transaction, Litecoin-qt moved rest of the funds to another address within this newly created wallet.dat (one I've shreded). This was some years ago (2014). It was all my founds (also part from my Friend). I've tried to recover shreded wallet.dat but unfortunately it was not possible (I contacted few companies that recover data and with the manufacturer of the ssd drive). Do you know (think) that I can retrieve my funds is some way? Write do LTC Devs if they can revert this transaction?? Address from which I've made a transaction – LfRhNvcnivWktQeB36iSYZJvTYGF49BYyR – I still have priv key. Address where rest of the funds were moved (without my intention) – LWFKV7Cw6rDR9Nsr8TwcGhraVfBVQfD6Ao – this address was in wallet.dat I've shreded. ​ If you can help me or point me to a solution, I'll pay you 10%. Thank you in advance and best regards! submitted by /u/Funny_Ad4308 [comments]

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