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Well starting from monday most of traders will come back from holidays..Tuesday-Jpow speech 9am ETThursday-CPI reportFriday-Earnings Bank of America,JP Morgan, Blackrock, Wells Fargo, CitigroupI just wanna point out that core inflation in EU went up again after being flat from october, in December going up from 5% to 5.2%,so i eager to see core inflation data in US in few days.Regarding Jpow speech on Tuesday,if he’s gonna be hawkish he better just read his statement and get the fck out before quesions come🤣 If he has dovish speech and even neutral, market will rally and i don’t think thats what he wants right now.We could be easily seeing 4100+ SP500 next week.But i guess its gonna be hard to be hawkish as no real reason for it- inflation going down, wage growth down, unemployment 50years low, thats perfect scenario for soft landing i guess. I really don’t know what has to happen for stocks find new low(SP500 to 3200-3400).In my personal note, even though lot of people would lose work, we really need a recession. Prices we pay now, especially food, are honestly, i go to the store and every week i say wtf this is even more expensive than week ago..Also the personal savings rate are lowest in history, in recession comes it will be brutal

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