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While the children in Congress and the Administration argue about cutting the Fedcral budget (as if there isn’t trillions of dollars of wasteful spending in the budget), we saw an even dumber suggestion from Pramila Jayapal (WA-D), Adam (Shifty) Schiff (CA-D) and Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-D): a bill to eliminate the debt ceiling altogether to allow unlimited Federal spending. That reminds me of the Tom Arnold/Julie Ford film “The Stupids.” Yet these clowns keep getting re-elected.

In any case, The Federal Reserve’s quantitative-tightening program risks being propelled toward an early end as US politicians bicker in Washington over raising the national debt limit, according to some economists and bond-market participants. As of this morning, the US credit default swap (1-year CDS) remains elevated signaling a positive probability of a US debt default. (CDS represents the price of insuring against a default).

But notice that The Fed still has $8.5 TRILLION in assets (largely Treasuries and Agency MBS) on their balance sheet. But The Fed’s plans to continue shrinking their balance sheet will be put on hold (and if fact will be reversed) if Democrats and President (10% for the big guy) Biden don’t budget on cutting some of the enormous fat from the Federal budget.

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January 24, 2023January 24, 2023

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