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“The world’s second-largest economy is expected to quickly rebound because of the country’s optimized Covid-19 response and after its economic policies continue to take effect,” Bloomberg quotes an interview from Guo Shuqing, party secretary of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), to People’s Daily published on Sunday.

Additional comments

As China’s government gives households and private businesses greater financial support to aid in their recovery now that the Covid Zero policy has ended, China’s economic growth will resume its “normal” course.

The key to the economic recovery is to convert current total income to consumption and investment to the largest possible extent.

Incomes will be boosted.

Financial sector should enhance products to enable car, home purchases.

Monetary policy to provide more support for private sector firms to expand credit growth and enable access to more funding.

Yuan will continue to fluctuate, to appreciate in the mid to long term.

PBOC to monitor inflation developments, imported inflation.

Market implications

 The news should help the Gold price in keeping the latest advances due to China’s status as one of the world’s biggest XAU/USD consumers.

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