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The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) is more than just a headline number, which could explain the chop seen in the markets after release. This first labor-related report dropped the morning of January 4, 2023, causing interesting movements in stock index futures.
How the JOLTS Report May Affect Trading
As we prepare for 2023, it is crucial to understand which components of the report are most pertinent to the Fed’s mandate of inflation reduction. Jim Iuorio joined this recent episode of “See the Futures” to discuss that – and why the JOLTS report numbers might not be as impactful as other reports coming later this week.

Additional topics covered in the livestream include:

An opinion on why the current housing market differs from the crash in 2007
A discussion about why economic reports this week and next could impact the markets more than usual
An explanation of a bullish case for Gold futures
An examination of how Europe’s inflation outlook could direct Euro FX futures
Charting and price analysis of E-mini S&P, Gold, Euro FX, and 2-Year Yield futures

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