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BlockFills, a company specializing in building trading and management solutions for cryptocurrency market participants, today announced the launch of Vision Crypto Cloud, a secure, full-service, end-to-end digital asset trading, order management, and risk management platform.
The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform enables institutions to quickly access the crypto ecosystem out of the box, without the multi-year timeline and expense associated with building an in-house solution.
Noteworthy, BlockFills deploys an integrated liquidity solution that licensees of Vision Crypto Cloud can utilize as part of the service. Vision Crypto Cloud is a technology stack that BlockFills has operated for its own use for several years.
“Our software division is very proud to launch Vision Crypto Cloud as a new and innovative SaaS product for the sector. Vision Crypto Cloud represents a simple and flexible path for entities to enter into the digital asset space which is wrought with challenges for top-tier institutions. BlockFills can provide a turn-key, yet scalable software solution with integrated liquidity in the spot, derivatives, and lending markets to institutions seeking to enter the market or better manage their current digital trading business.”– Nick Hammer, Co-Founder & CEO of BlockFills

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