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The price of Bitcoin remains at the broken level of 22000, trying to form a small spinning white candle. Given the previous formation of a long white candle, it is safe to assume that the pennant formation is about to happen soon. Bitcoin might potentially have to face resistance at the level of 25000.Gold has formed an uptrend. The asset is heading up. So far, gold is likely to pull from the lower boundary of the uptrend and jump. Although it would be wise to check the candlestick formations within this uptrend.Brent oil broke the daily downtrend. Currently, the asset’s price is forming small candles along the broken trendline. Also, the reversal double bottom pattern or the modified version of the failed swing pattern with the neckline at the level of 86.00 can be seen on the chart. Hence, oil is likely to jump soon. So, let’s see whether this scenario might work out.

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