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A year ago, stock portfolios were significantly rebalanced, sparking a bear market in the Stock Index futures markets. The start of 2023 bears asking about the necessity of rebalancing; is the traditional 60/40 stocks-to-bonds ratio on its way out?  
How Portfolio Rebalancing May Affect Traders 

Futures trading experts dissect the current bond environment, and how increasing rates could define the 60/40 ratio as preferential to bonds. They also discuss how the Fed’s policies prior to 2022 have pushed bonds down.
Additional topics covered in the livestream include: 

An opinion on the possibility of a soft landing for the economy vis-à-vis fed policy  
An explanation of why 10-year yield futures tend to trend towards psychological levels 
An alternate interpretation of the easing of rates using the CME’s Fed Watch tool   
A look at the debt ceiling and the threat of a federal government shutdown 
Charting and price analysis of Euro FX, 10-Year Yield, Gold and E-Mini S&P futures

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