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According to the OpenSeas official Twitter, Arbitrum Nova is nova supported on OpenSea!We’re excited to now support Arbitrum Nova! @Arbitrum’s chain dedicated to social and gaming!📷 We’re also strengthening Nova’s ecosystem by joining the Data Availability Committee (DAC) to provide access to on-chain data and help ensure data accuracy 📷This is great news for all of us who hold moons because it brings another much needed feature to the Arbitrum Nova chain. Are we going to see moons becoming a supported currency?! Good things are coming for sure.Arbitrum Nova collections are grouped with other Arbitrum collections but there will be an Arbitrum Nova mark/logo on the item and collection pages. You can already check it out yourself by going to the front page and search for the Arbitrum logo on the right side of the screen next to “All Chains”.So cool to see Nova getting more adoption!

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