I decided to use the day off to do some entirely useless analysis of 3-day weekends.SummaryBuying at the close on Friday and selling at the open on Tuesday averages a 56% success rate and 0.03% returns. However, if you held until Tuesday’s close or tried to buy at open on Tuesday and sell at the close, your results are worse (and much worse over the last 10 years).DataHere is a Google Sheet with all 3-Day Weekend Returns since SPY started in 1993. It shows the Friday Close to Tuesday Open returns, Friday Close to Tuesday Close returns, and Tuesday Open to Tuesday Close returns, for all 3-day weekends.AnalysisThere have been 188 3-day weekends. 56% of the time, the SPY opens higher on Tuesday morning than it closed on Friday night with average returns of 0.03%.The best day was September, 8th, 1998. If you would’ve bought on Friday, September 4th, you would’ve woken up to 3.2% gains on Tuesday.The worst day was January 22, 2008. You would’ve woken up down 3.7%.in the last 10 years, 3-day weekends have been better. There have been 64 3-day weekends. Only 52% have been positive, but the average returns have been 0.08%!TablesOverall ReturnsDateValueBest Return1998-09-083.20%Worst Return2008-01-22-3.67%Average Return0.03%Annualized Returns7.8%Success Rate55.85%Last 10 YearsDateValueBest Return2020-05-262.20%Worst Return2020-09-08-1.71%Average Return0.08%Annualized Return22%Success Rate51.56%ConclusionNot very useful nor very interesting lol.**Update:Someone wanted to see normal 2-day weekend returns.DateValueBest Return2008-10-136.07%Worst Return2020-03-16-10.45%Average Return0.04%Annualized Returns10.5%Success Rate57.61%

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