This the project behind smart contract that is consuming nearly all gas fee on polygon network for past few days. Their contract address 0xC7728354f9fe0e43514B1227162D5B0E40FaD410 has spent more than 100,000 MATIC on gas fees in last 7 days. The project is said to be a Chinese MLM project and is giving 1-2% Daily APR on MATIC.(Unrealistic) It seems kind of Ponzi. Because from where they are generating daily such a high yield? There is very little information about this project outside Chinese social media. But this project has accumulated more than 30million MATIC in just 2 Days. The address currently holds 21.8 Million MATIC and there address has become the 5th largest MATIC holder. They have even surpassed Binance and other big exchange reserves. ​ ​ How this project is working: Their website is The users have to: 1) Open Position (capped 1000 MATIC) 2) Close Position (duration is uncapped) 3) Claim Referrer Reward When someone starts a new investment, they give their referrer's wallet address and receive part of their initial investment. It is a bit confusing where the money is coming from. Also, a lot of new wallets are appearing with large amounts of MATIC, and they are sending out 1000 MATIC to other sub-accounts. The main wallet refers itself to all his other alts. The protocol has total of 12 levels, each level has a 0.5% turnover rate. Play once and earn once – play 6-30 times a month. The Daily APR is as high as 1-2%. As always DYOR. As for my opinion this project is really too unrealistic to be trusted! submitted by /u/Dry_Log_4696 [comments]

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