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Like an economic horoscope, Visual Capitalist released their 2023 predictions — as near to a crystal ball as most investors can hope for this outlines how experts think the markets will move, how trends will develop, and which risks and opportunities to watch over the coming 12 months. Inflation: Easing over the year. But few predict that inflation will drop back down to the 2% range the FED is looking for. GDP: Recent outlook is being revised down, majority predicting global economic growth in the range of 1.5% to 2%. Recession: High risk, but US (and possibly Europe) may be able to avoid it. Markets: Cautiously optimistic and resurgence of bonds. China: As world’s second largest economy and linchpin of global trade, events in China have a major impact on the world economy. Expecting a bounce back after reopening. Energy: Energy was the S&P 500’s top performing sector two years in a row, expecting more of the same in 2023. Tech layoffs: During a downturn, it’s tempting—and often necessary—for companies to course-correct. There were also predictions that the whole start-up and investment ecosystem could be switching from a hypergrowth to a value-focused mindset, which is a theme that is worth consideration in 2023. submitted by /u/OliveInvestor [comments]

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