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93% of respondents continue to invest in 2022 despite the high market volatility.85% of investors wanted to make changes to how they invest in 2023 with the following being the most commonly reported:Increasing investments (21%)Conducting more research (19%)Working with a financial advisor (14%)Other significant statistics from the article:3/4 of investors regret how they invested in 202239% want to invest more (mostly Gen Z), 33% want to leave their investment alone, and 28% want to invest less during the high inflation in 2022.33% cancel or delay plans or purchases because of money lost on 2022 investments.Other key findings are nearly 90% of investors have non-stock market-related assets due to stock market volatility; men continue to out-invest women; and more impulsive portfolio changes especially with Gen Z during the 2022 high market volatility.The most common regrets for investors in 2022 were not buying more crypto at lower prices, not buying more stock when the market started to decline, and not selling stock before the market started to decline.What is your investment plan for 2023?

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