Hackers breach Reddit to steal source code and internal data from bleepingcomputer.comTLDR:Reddit suffered a cyberattack Sunday evening, allowing hackers to access internal business systems and steal internal documents and source code.After one employee fell victim to the phishing attack, the threat actor was able to breach internal Reddit systems to steal data and source code.”After successfully obtaining a single employee’s credentials, the attacker gained access to some internal docs, code, as well as some internal dashboards and business systems” explains Reddit in their security incident notice.Reddit says they learned of the breach after the employee self-reported the incident to the company’s security team.While Reddit has not shared any details regarding the phishing attack, they referenced a similar attack used to breach Riot Games.The game company later received and refused a $10 million ransom demand for the data not to be leaked.Now, I would like to understand, there could – theoretically – any risks regarding the crypto part of Reddit? Like, MOONs, NFTs and vaults?I think vault are safe and could not be compromised, but MOON price can be altered if someone manage to mint a lot of moon to an account. Same for NFTs, what could happen if the hackers got the code regarding them?Edit: as suggested by u/zoomercoomer9000 in the comments, a good thing to do is to change your Reddit’s password and activate 2FA . Better safe than sorry.

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