During the start of the year, I wrote about the performance of Cosmos’ and the wider ecosystem.With this report, I assessed the performance of Cosmos and the ecosystem in 2022, based on its initial vision thanks to the data provided by Mapofzones and Coingecko. You can find the key insights below, and the link to the breakdown of the report in the comments.Link to breakdown: https://twitter.com/SatriaPamudji/status/1608905168225202178Key Insights from the 2022 reportDespite the industry experiencing significant challenges in 2022, including rising inflation rates and the depegging of TerraUSD, Cosmos has remained relatively competitive in terms of valuation, and there has not been a considerable decrease in monthly active usersHowever, other application-specific blockchains on Cosmos have struggled to gain widespread adoption among users, as the majority of Cosmos’ valuation comprises the HubCosmos has made progress in terms of the ease of creating new application-specific blockchains, and Interchain modules coming out in 2023 will make it much easierIn conclusion, we believe that 2023 will be a turning point for Cosmos, with the predicted development of over 100 interconnected zones and the majority of valuation spread across various application-specific blockchains by year-end of 2023Well, with Interchain Security coming up and the modular blockchain narrative coming back soon, I was wondering what do you guys think of how it will perform as compared to other solutions like Polkadot?

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