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Avalanche is a set of blockchains whose token, AVAX, is #16 by marketcap. Lately, they seem to be following in Solana's footsteps by going down multiple times. A few days ago on Mar 23, both the Avalanche C-Chain and X-Chain went down for several hours. This was caused was by a bug in the new software release of AvalancheGo v1.9.12 The Avalanche team sent an alert and recommended all validators to update to a patched version: "Identified – Avalanche Bridge nodes are updating to the latest AvalancheGo release (v1.9.14) to restore stability. Avalanche Bridge transfers will be delayed until a sufficient threshold of independent nodes have been updated, which is expected within the next 12 hours." It turns out that v1.9.14 wasn't good enough. Yesterday, there were more node outages with multiple nodes stuck. The network went down again for an hour. So they released another patch, v1.9.16. But they still don't know the root cause of the issue, so it's quite possible the Avalanche C-Chain will go down again in the near future. Given the rise of Ethereum L2s, it's not a good time to be an Ethereum killer, especially ones that keep going down. submitted by /u/FluffayPenguin [comments]

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